Sunday, June 8, 2014

Heads Up Seven Up

Okay so I have this problem where I keep telling myself that next week I'm going to spend more time on my pictures....but Sunday comes so fast so I always end up with stuff like this. -______-
Alright I've decided I'm still going to post every Sunday but until I'm settled into summer, it's not going to be too great.

I didn't use a recipe for this because it's so simple-frozen watermelons, 7-up and a touch of honey. Just blend em all together. The frozen watermelons serve as ice and basically add the soda until you get just the amount of slush wanted. On a hot summer day...this is like THE BEST. It's not too thick like a smoothie, and it doesn't take much ingredients. 

Great editing skills I know...give me a break finals is coming up x)

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