Wednesday, June 11, 2014

About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog. =] This is where I like to organize my work and just be creative and free. Here's a little bit about each of my pages:

Fashion: I first made this blog to organize my fashion projects. This is where I keep details of the clothes I make and anything else that the body can wear.

Nails: I don't know a lot about nails but there's nothing more I'm attracted to than colors. Here I can experiment different colors and designs for certain events or simply just for fun.

Gallery: My Gallery is basically for when I want to post something, but can't really categorize it. It can be anything from art through a lens, through paper, or even a recipe!

Treasury: I created my treasury for inspiration. You can't get ideas just sitting around, so I create a treasury list on etsy as often as I can, and post it on here. Go check out some of the vendors! ^^

I know it's not so greatly organized but it's a work in progress! Thanks for stopping by. =]

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