Saturday, July 23, 2016


I am currently traveling without a laptop so my blogging is being done on my phone...which is kind of limited. Note to self: fix all formatting and add photos when possible.

My time in Roma has concluded. Yes, I still can't believe that I am in Italy. But somehow by the grace of God and a few extremely loving friends, this has all become possible. For two and a half weeks, I have the privilege of walking down the streets of a country I only dreamed of visiting. For the past year, I've been traveling all around the US, but as much as I love my home soil, I'm even more excited to say that I've stepped foot on European territory!

After spending 5 days in this majestic, historic city, it has occurred to me that I probably could never do a backpacking trip throughout Europe. Maybe it is just my passion for Renaissance art, but I am overwhelmed with how much there is to see  and even a couple weeks limits my time here.

Arrival: After about 22 hours of traveling, Hannah and I finally landed in Rome! Our homestay was about 25 minutes away from the airport and we accidentally took an illegal taxi. Whoops. Making foreigner mistakes as soon as we got there...hehe. Praise the Lord for watching over us LOL. Our homestay mom was extremely nice and prepared breakfast for us each morning. I'm not going to lie...Italy isn't really known for its food (especially coming from a Californian).

Colosseo and Palatino: I know it sounds cliche but the Colosseum is definitely my FAVORITE piece in Rome. I was absolutely blown away by the architecture, and it is definitely something you must see in person. The inside is quite fascinating as well, but my favorite view is from the Palatino! The Palatino is filled with beautiful Roman ruins. I love walking through the broken columns, wondering what kind of people once walked through the towering empire.

Vatican: To get to the Vatican, Michelle and I left the house at 7 am, got lost a little, and made it to the back of the line at 8:45 am. The doors don't open until 9 and the line already wrapped around the Vatican walls. We finally got into the museum at around 11 and yes I would say the line was worth it... Well only if you're into Renaissance art...haha. I put my camera away while I was at the museum so I can admire all the art so I don't have many photos. Each room was decorated from floor to ceiling  with detailed paintings that told stories and intricate patterns that made me wonder. Of course we ended with the Sistine Chapel where I got to see the works of Michelangelo, Perugino, Botticelli and more up close. All the paintings were so much bigger than I imagined, and just being able to sit in such a holy grail in history was an honor.

Anyways, Rome has been amazing, and as Serena Van der Woodson put it: "a summer in Rome? That sounds like a dream."

[pictures coming]

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