Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY Christmas Gift-Candy Sleigh

It's the new year but here's a little Christmas gift DIY anyways.

I found it easiest to use "donut" tape to stick everything together. I started by taping two basic peppermint candy canes to a piece of cardboard for extra support.

I put two small pieces of tape on each side of six different mini Hershey bars and taped them on to the candy canes.

Then, i taped on 5 jolly rancher candies.

 Then i wrapped two ribbons around the sleigh, once again taping them down.

I made a whole bunch more and gave them out to church friends. You can get really creative with these sleds by changing up the candies and ribbons, or maybe even by making them fit for a different holiday (because after all Christmas just passed a week ago).This candy sleigh is perfect for mass production, or even for gifting to a couple friends. Have fun with them and happy gifting.


(They can also be used for kid's crafting at holiday parties)

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