Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fitted Straight Skirt

This was my first time making a fitted garment. It's not the best, it's not perfect, but through this project I was able to learn a variety of new techniques as well as practice my sewing skills. I chose a thick bottomweight fabric. The deep purple and two-textured zebra stripes gives a more edgy feel to the skirt which is perfect considering this is a fitted skirt.

This skirt consisted of 4 darts-2 in the front and 2 in the back. The darts allow the skirt to fit snug around my waist, making the skirt look more professional.

This was my first time installing an invisible zipper and although it wasn't exactly "invisible" I still did my best. (I think this was the only thing I lost points in). Two different Bernina foots were used to put this zipper in.

In order to get my points for this specific project, I had to blind hem the bottom by hand. If this was a skirt done on my own time, I would have just used a machine. I didn't like how hand sewing made the outside of the skirt bumpy, but my teacher wanted us to learn this technique.

The top waistband was topstiched and I have to admit the picture actually makes it a lot cleaner than it actually is. A hook was used to close off the top of the skirt and clearly the picture shows my lack of handsewing skills. But it's all good, the hook is covered when the garment is worn.

My oily forehead, awkward modeling skills, and terrible photo quality doesn't do the skirt any justice. But i couldn't publish this post without an ootd. Being a fitted skirt, this piece is perfect for more formal occasions or when feeling a little more dressy. Since it's winter, I threw on sheer black tights under the skirt. The loose-fitting white top is from H&M and it helps to balance out all the dark colors. 

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