Sunday, November 17, 2013

Patching Up Works

  So today I volunteered at the 2013 fall patchwork show in Long Beach.

And no this is not an event where ladies come to sew quilts together. It's where all sorts of people, young and old, gather together to discover new arts and creativity. An idea becomes a dream, and that dream becomes reality as hundreds of vendors create their own unique masterpiece and display it for the world. Families and friends are all welcomed to this free event to window shop, support local crafters, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of the delicious food and live music. I don't think this picture does the event justice because there's so much more going on. However, I was busy working my booth and this is all I got.

By the way I was working the bike valet. I forgot to get a picture. But it was nice seeing so many people coming out on their bikes on such a beautiful afternoon.

This was just a cute little shop set up next to the bike valet. The shop owner was so sweet and she sold cute little jewelry.

Because patchwork is a pet friendly environment. :)

I think this shop is such a gem. The owner makes her own soap....and not just any ordinary soap. I was looking for a present for my friend and I kept walking past this booth. I don't know why it took me so long to finally decide that I was going to buy one. In the picture the owner ducked down because she didn't want to be in it. How cute. Haha

Sorry I took the picture late at night but is that not adorable? It's supposed to be a cupcake but now that I think about it, it kind of looks like a Christmas tree. This scented "bar" of soap has little glitter details that can be used to exfoliate the skin. It's a perfect gift, bath toy, or even a great decoration piece. Here's a link to the shop if you're interested:

My Staff badge was the ticket to a free chicken burrito from Piaggio (one of the breath-taking foodtrucks stationed at patchwork) and fizzy pineapple coconut nutmeg soda pop. Yum.

After hours of working and hardcore shopping, I walked the 20 minute walk beside this awing view to the parking lot where I waited for my brother to pick me up. It was a good day.

Adios amigos.

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  1. I missed out :( I'll volunteer with you for sure next time!
    and unique LA coming up :D