Saturday, November 30, 2013

I am Thankful for...

 I brought "Indian" cakepops to my cousin's house for our annual Thanksgiving feast. I think I made pumpkin pie last time but I wanted to have a little more fun with the dessert this year.

I started off by making a basic cakepop with box chocolate cake and dipped the pops in melted milk chocolate.

I took airhead sour belts and cut them in half. These are for the headbands.

Then I cut red licorice into little pieces for the feather.

Uhh....I don't know how to flip the picture...
But Anyways, I bought these candy eyes to make life a little bit easier.

I put everything together and.....

I think this is my first time making cakepops without them falling off the stick and tasting like soggy chewed up cake. Plus they're super cute if I do say so myself.

For the rest, I just drizzled on white chocolate.
I wrapped all the cakepops and added a blue ribbon.

Thank the Lord these are nice and small because after that Thanksgiving dinner, I barely had room for even one.


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