Friday, February 12, 2016

Old City, New Friends

 So I've been doing pretty good at not spending money on food this quarter, but I had to break that rally for a class assignment. This is cultural excursion part two! My group picked Old City because...I don't know why.

Unlike my last culture excursion where we walked around Northern Liberties and actually explored it, this time we were just eager to eat. We ended up hitting up Mac's Tavern just because it was close.

For appetizer we shared sweet potato fries that were covered in cinnamon sugar and a sweet glaze. It was kind of sugar overload and a bit too sweet for an appetizer. Nonetheless, the Korean in me loves any sweet potato dish, so yum.

Classic burger and fries. This wasn't my dish but ugh I hate spending this much money on burgers. Seriously, where the In n Outs and Habits at?

I got the chicken wrap because it was a special that day, meaning it was $2 off. I actually really liked it. The chicken was tender, it wasn't too saucy, and it was filling. Kind of tasted like a McWrap but more fresh. 

Apparently Chase Utley was at this restaurant on opening day! I don't think anyone really cared when I shared that during my presentation, but as a Dodger girl, I was pretty excited.

We went to Franklin Fountain for dessert and I realized that it's really not that worth it if you just want a classic flavor like strawberry. Oh well. Still good.

This will probably be my last food adventure in Philly for the quarter.
I say Philly 'cause I'm headed to New York in about an hour.
But seriously, okay no more spending money until Jasmine comes...

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