Monday, January 4, 2016

Winter Nom Noms Part 2

Thanks to my family's annual snow trip, I gained all my weight back! I was too sick to snowboard so I just stayed in the cabin all day....and ate. Can we all take a moment to admire my uncle's paella? SOOOO GOOOOD.

We went out to eat lamb kebabs in Koreatown as soon as we got back from Big Bear....and green tea shaved ice for dessert....and mango banana shaved ice....and oreo shaved iced.

I don't know if it's a Philly thing or an East Coast thing, but sushi doesn't seem to be a big thing here. It's harder to find and it's just as expensive, but definitely not as good as back home. I guess that's a good thing for me though because it prevents me from blowing all my money on it. I finally got the yummy Pornado Sushi that I've been craving for a while. It's not a traditional sushi roll, but it's still sososo good. The chef also made us a cute bear out of an orange. I think it's normally for kids but I really wanted it...hehe.
Funny side note: it was New Years Eve and all the workers were drunk. 

My last night at home I had a fresh, warm churro at the beach. I love the churro man because he reminds me of my old co-workers. And he's always super nice and sometimes even talks to me in Korean! I started practicing my Spanish with him this last time. 

I thought this would be the last nom for the break....but I actually ended up going to all you can eat KBBQ the next day. 

And then I had Cha20. I know I said I don't like taking pictures of my boba, but...I wanted a picture so I can look at it when I crave it LOL.

And then last minute my friends hmu and I got ice cream one last time....

Kind of sad I didn't get to see some people I was really looking forward to seeing...but I guess that'll make my summer adventures even better!

Here's to a new quarter!