Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Flower Power

     May 1st, 2015. On this day I officially completed my two 8 month projects of the year—my school's fashion show and yearbook. But since the yearbook is currently printing, today I'm going to focus on the fashion show.

 Even though my collection wasn't very complicated or anything, I've never experienced this amount of stress from sewing. I think it was a combination of my clothes not fitting my models properly, my clothes not looking how I wanted it to, and a lot of distraction and procrastination. But to be fair, this was my first time making so many different types of clothing tailored to different body parts...it's really all a learning process.

I can rant on and on about how stressful it was to prepare for the show. But in the end...I really enjoyed it. I love being up on stage in general. And as I walked down the runway to "Shut up and Dance" all the worries of the past 8 months were forgotten.

I've really learned so much from doing this show. Maybe I spend a little TOO much time on detail...all the detail no one notices on stage. As I raced time, I learned to ignore the tiny flaws in my pieces. But since the show is over now...I'm really excited to start on projects...for myself (as selfish as that sounds)...where I have all the time in the world to focus on detail.

Okay nothing I made in this post made sense....there's just too much to talk about.....


I don't think I'll ever stop sewing. But in terms of my fashion career...it has come to a close. =]
And if I had the chance....I would do it all over again.

Well maybe this isn't the end but we'll see.

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