Friday, August 8, 2014


    WWHHAAT?! After what felt like two years of failures, I finally made a successful macaron with my friend. I'm pretty sure I've made every possible error from a runny batter, to feetless macarons, to cracked tops. I concluded a while back that baking is just not my thing...until my friend asked me the other day if I wanted to try and make macarons with her. To be honest, unlike ever other time I tried to whip up these cookies, I had no hope that these would turn out any good. She was also yet to make a good macaron so we combined our failures, followed Beth's full-proof recipe and came out with these cute, delicious gems.

    We had a little fun with the decorating for these two, but the rest we just filled with some nutella. There's still more to perfect- a smoother top, and maybe a more circular shape, but I'm happy to say these               cookies had a nice chewy middle with a crunchy rim- perfect to any macaron-lover's liking.

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