Sunday, July 27, 2014

Renegade Up and Down

Due to a two week trip to San Francisco, I've been pretty absent from my blog. But because of all the right timings, I was lucky enough to go to my first craft show outside of LA-Renegade San Francisco! This event was held at Fort Mason Center, right by the waters shared with Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bride.I got the chance to meet new vendors and catch up with the ones I've met before =]

This time I didn't get too much info on the actual sellers themselves, so I don't really have links to these shops. =[ (I was too busy looking around, excited being in a new city)
One of the most unique shops I ran into, my friend actually pointed out, was this one where the artist made jewelry and intricate, decorative pieces out of drum cymbals. Now that I write this I wish I talked to them more about the labor behind all the art...I suddenly want to learn more haha.

Drum cymbals are definitely not easy to mold, nor are they easy to get a hold of in terms of supplies, so I have a lot of respect for the creator! ^^

Some random shop. Sells these cute stuff.

Oh yea I forgot to mention that this is my first Renegade show. Honestly, I don't know what's better than a free photo booth! I took this picture when I went out for a breath of air...the little snippet of that island is actually the one and only... Alcatraz!

And here's a picture capturing San Francisco winds. I'm usually a SoCal sun kind of person...but after falling in love with SanFran...I don't know if I can survive LA's weather anymore >.<

So that's pretty much it. I actually went to Renegade LA today but because it was so hot, I just chilled at Starbucks after a little while. To my surprise, a good percentage of the vendors were the same ones by the Bay. Still, it's always fun to meet the new vendors, or just shop in a different environment.

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