Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DIY: Brian Wilson Beard

A couple of weeks ago I had a post of my manicure for a Dodger game. Well...here's me shamelessly posting that bearded picture again because this time I'm going to show how I made it. :-) 
I've searched long and hard for a beard wig within a reasonable price range and I've learned over the years that if you can't find it, just make it. 
Also, I made this super last minute so the picture quality is kind of lame. 



  • Card Stock or Felt
  • Fleece
  • Glue
  • String or Elastic Thread

  1. Cut out desired shape of beard. I used card stock, but use anything. I recommend something somewhat durable. Felt is another option. It's also better to use a base the color of your beard. I only had white so I went with it.
  2. Cut out a hole for the mouth piece, and two small holes on the side to attach string later.

   3. Cut out strips of fleece and tug on them until they stretch and begin to curl up. Try to mess up the fur on        the fabric to give it a more natural beard look. 

     4.  Curl up the pieces and glue them randomly on to your beard foundation (I used hot glue). Cut up smaller pieces to get in little crevices. 

  5.  Finish your beard by cutting around edges that still show white. Tie a string in the holes (enough to hold around your face). I used elastic thread and it wraps around my ears. Play around with it! For the ponybeard I just braided 3 pieces of fabric, glued it on to the base and tied blue ribbon around to cover up messy edges. 

And yes. I just categorized this under fashion. 

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