Sunday, February 22, 2015

18 Down

On Friday I turned 18. Wow. Shout out to everyone who stuck by me. I definitely don't act 18...but honestly who cares. So this is how the day went:
I got to school and my friends were waiting with a bunch of balloons-exciting, but not a surprise because we always do this for each other. They made me wear a ladybug headband, mardi gras garland, and carry a jellyfish net. Sounds kind of crazy but we love to embarrass each other. They also gave me a ninja vest that I refused to wear. So I got to first period and my best friend from elementary school handed me homemade brownies. She has always been the first to remember my birthday, but getting the brownies was a pleasant surprised considering we haven't really talked much in years. She was also the first person to every bring me balloons on my birthday (back in 5th grade).

Anyways the day went on...and it was a pretty good day. Everyone smiled and shouted out happy birthday, and I had this moment of realization...that people are genuinely good. Cringe at my corniness.

Okay actually I'm too lazy to write about my entire day. LOL but I did go to nrb that was exciting. I ended up going again the next day. Oh yea and Sheena called and I was supposed to pick her up then go to 85 degrees but I forgot to pick her up and went to 85 without I had to go back and get her, Whoops. Sorry Sheena. After I bought my first two lotto tickets in which I won nothing.

This post is honestly getting boring but I want to look back and remember what I did haha. Although there's not much detail, hopefully the small stories will trigger the better memories.

By the way that photo was taken in San Francisco last summer. There's 2 reasons why I chose it.
1) I didn't take any good photos this week.
2)There's something about it that feels adventurous, mysterious, and exciting. I have 18 down, and 100 more to go.

Jk that would suck.


  1. :)
    I like your new banner :D
    one day I'll look into making my blog look better haha.