Sunday, April 27, 2014

Itsie Bitsie Birthday OOTD

This was the dress I made for my little cousin's 5th birthday. It's just another girly dress to add to her collection. The bow adds a cute touch and I didn't sew it on so it can be personalized. By playing with different prints and colors I think this dress is perfect to fit the personality of any girl.

Here are just some close-ups of the details:

The last one won't rotate for some reason.

I got the pattern for this dress from an etsy seller. The owner was super helpful in answering my questions and her replies were really quick too! =] She has a lot of other really cute patterns.

This other Etsy seller was really nice in setting up a personal order for the exact amount of fabric I needed for this project. The fabric only took a couple of days to get shipped to me.'s my cousin modeling the dress

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  1. Adorable summer dress with super great construction! Your sweet little "model" wears it well. Thank you so much for linking my shop. I just love this vibrant floral fabric! :-)